Aviators were originally designed by Ray-Ban for U.S. pilots in 1937. They were created with a specific objective in mind: protecting and clarifying the vision of fighter pilots. The teardrop-shaped lenses allowed pilots to look down at their control panels while still cutting down glare. And the horizontal rubberized bar kept the sweat out of pilots’ eyes while they were aiming at enemy planes.

Later, aviators became the accessory for movie stars. In the 50s and 60s, this style found its way into popular culture with figures such as Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley.  In the 80s, the aviator style rose to the height of its fame. Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer wearing aviators in Top Gun solidified them as an American classic. They have been top-selling shades ever since.

Aviators are a classic style that works well on most face shapes. But it is a perfect choice for heart, square, and oval face shapes. If you want to find the right shades, make sure the lens depth and size fits your face. If you are not sure what kind of aviator shades will look good on you, start with a classic, midsize aviator. This frame will work for most face shapes.

You should also take into account your skin tone. Warmer skin tones look perfect with gold hardware, while cool tones look great next to silver. And don’t forget about the color of your lenses. Dark colors will complement almost every outfit and style. But they especially look great with activewear and everyday clothing. And the new trend with colored lenses will make them perfect for more edgy looks, as a colored pair can add a little punk to everything.

Whether your fashion taste is classic, perfectly color-coordinated, or sporty, you will find a pair of perfect aviators to suit it.

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