Popular celebrity shades

Popular celebrity shades

Sunglasses can transform an outfit and make it exponentially cooler. A great pair of shades is one of the best additions to any accessories collection. They make everyone look just a little more stylish, they go with everything from a bikini to a teddy coat, and they are an easy way to incorporate a new trend into your look without spending a fortune.

And we can not ignore the health benefits of wearing them. Overexposure to sunlight can cause cancer or even lead to blindness.

Given all that, it makes sense that A-listers have massive sunglasses collections. Whether they are shielding their faces from the camera flashes, jetting off on exotic islands, or looking to make a statement wherever they go, celebrities are constantly reaching for their sunglasses — so it is no surprise they have perfect taste in them.

We have rounded up a few of the most popular sunglasses styles, beloved by many celebrities. Let them be your inspiration to add a few trendy pieces to your own collection.

Cat-eye sunglasses

Cat-eye sunglasses are the most flattering and feminine shape. They can add a touch of sophistication to any look. Marilyn Monroe jumpstarted this trend, photographed many times in cat-eye sunglasses. Miranda Kerr, Reese Witherspoon, and Meghan Markle choose the cat-eye style for its elegance and versatility.

Oversized sunglasses

Victoria Beckham’s oversized shades have become one of her style signatures. If you want to look posh, there is no better way than opt for a pair of oversized sunglasses. For more inspiration on how to wear this style, take cues from Olivia Palermo and Nicole Richie.

Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are one of the most popular celebrity-favorite items right now. The most popular type is the narrow rectangle shape in black, red, or white. Gigi Hadid, Zoë Kravitz, and Kristen Stewart know how to rock it.

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