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What up what up!

Thanks for stopping by FLYY DE$IGNZ, LLC.

Our mission is to provide you quality sunglasses with a FLYY appeal that not only enhance your appearance, but protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays as well.

The company was started out of an extreme passion for sunglasses. From wearing them indoors, outdoors, and regardless of whether there was rain, sleet or snow. Sunglasses quickly went from being a random accessory to a wardrobe necessity!

Often being reminded of the resemblance of a movie star or celebrity and complimented whenever a pair of sunglasses was worn, it only made sense to go into the business of selling high quality, fashionable shades for a reasonable price.

So with that being said, you're guaranteed to find a style of shades that you've never seen before and new shades FLYY in constantly, so stay connected!

Thank you for visiting, be safe out there, and take flight into the catalog. We have some of the FLYYest designz out there at an affordable price!

Stay FLYY, 



~ Sunglasses that will make a statement and start a conversation, everytime ~