About U$

What up what up! 

Thanks for stopping by FLYY DE$IGNZ, seriously. 

Because we're so grateful for your business, we provide free shipping on ALL orders as well as 15% off for first time customers!  

Our mission is to provide you quality sunglasses with a flyy appeal that not only enhance your appearance, but protect your eyes from those harmful UV rays as well.

Here at FLYY DE$IGNZ, we're cool like that and want our customers to be flyy as well. Please take note of the lingo variation. Every now and then you'll see words spelled with a "$" which represents the capital letter "S". Words ending in "s" may be replaced with a "z", as well as the word "fly" will always be spelled with two "y's" on this website. We just simply want you to be aware that this is done intentionally.

With that being said, you're guaranteed to find a style of shadez that you've never seen before and new shadez flyy in on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, thank you for visiting, be safe out there, and take flight into the catalog. We have some of the flyyest designz out there, at an affordable price!  

Stay FLYY,